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Couples who train together, stay together. Q&A with Instafamous couple Fredrika and boyfriend Nick Lees

They're one of the cutest #fitspo couples on Instagram - Fredrika, a Swedish travelling yogi and her Aussie spunk boyfriend Nick Lees. We got the lowdown on how their romance started, how they train together and where they see themselves in 10 years time.

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Cacao vs Cocoa. Same, same - but very different!

Not everyone really knows the differences between 'cacao' and 'cocoa'. They sound similar, look similar - but have great health differences!

Alyse Co-cliff from An Apple A Day outlines the benefits of cacao and how it's nutritionally much better than its sister cocoa.

Cacao beans

Kirsty McLean's SUMMER BODY at-home Mat Pilates workout

Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Reformer Pilates Teacher Kirsty McLean from Body Clarity shows you her favourite Mat Pilates moves to get you in shape for summer!

These dynamic Pilates exercises target your bum, thighs, and abs focusing on the smaller muscle groups to sculpt and tone your body in those difficult to manage zones.

Grab a mat and do them at home in the living room or at the park! Bring it on Summer!

How to 'be active' with Personal Trainer, Brittney Cutts

We've taken five minutes with Brittney Cutts - a beautiful, leggy Kiwi who shares her real and honest health and fitness journey with her 23K Instagram followers. Her mantra is to 'be active' as she posts about her ups and downs in life with her adoring fans. Brittney doesn't sugarcoat her 'online life', she tells it how it is - read more about what gets Britt out of bed in the morning, her food obsessions and what she loves most about living in Oz..

Detox Diet Recipes to Keep You Cleansed and Energised this Silly Season

With Summer approaching, bringing with it social events, parties, and for many endless amounts of alcohol, your body can be left feeling blah, bloated and buggered! Kirsty McLean, Owner and Director of Body Clarity, has shared with us some of her favourite Detox Recipes that will have you feeling fresh, focused, energised and back to yourself in no time.