• How to 'be active' with Personal Trainer, Brittney Cutts
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How to 'be active' with Personal Trainer, Brittney Cutts

We've taken five minutes with Brittney Cutts - a beautiful, leggy Kiwi who shares her real and honest health and fitness journey with her 23K Instagram followers. Her mantra is to 'be active' as she posts about her ups and downs in life with her adoring fans. Brittney doesn't sugarcoat her online life, she tells it how it is - read more about what gets Britt out of bed in the morning, her food obsessions and what she loves most about living in Oz..

What's your morning routine?

4:55am alarm. Shower, gym and gear on. Pack my bag with my meals for the day. Take my iron supplement, probiotic, fish oil tablets and biotin. Then I go and grab a long black takeaway coffee, have a smoothie or salmon for a quick energy boost and start setting up the studio at 5:25am for my clients' to come in before 6am!

How do you stay motivated?
I feel better, treat people better, work better and train my clients better when I am feeling good within myself. If I eat well and train hard then it works as a domino effect and all other aspects in my life seem much more positive. I am pretty driven with some weird little fire ball in me ready to explode and so I just keep aiming high because we only get one chance at life so might as well make the most of it!
Just make happiness a priority!

Favourite sport or exercise?
Boxing and swimming. HIIT training gets me up and about too!

How have you turned your passion into your career?
ABSOLUTELY. It doesn't feel like work. I would do this for free! Seeing my clients' progress is the most rewarding thing in the world. I really do just love it.

Where do you want to be in 10 years time?
A trainer on The Biggest Loser!
I want to really help as many people as possible.
I really thrive off meeting people so I aim to just meet people from all different ways of life, increasing my education and work my way up to the top! Because who doesn't want to be the best in the field that they are in right?!?!

Current food obsession?
ACAI BOWLS. I had 5 this weekend. I mean, it's better than Nutella and pizza so I'm happy.

You often talk about fighting the urge to 'binge' - what's your top tip to conquer these cravings?
It's a difficult topic to understand. Binge eating is not something I take lightly. It is so common and until people actually go through that experience first hand, it is really hard to understand it.
I think the best way is to really improve self love. If you eat to stay healthy and learn why we need to eat healthy and the side effects of binge eating or other eating disorders then you begin to realise the damage you are actually making on your body. It may not be so detrimental right now but long term side effects can be crap not only mentally but physically. The gut is so important, we need to be good to our bodies!!

Tip - Write down trigger foods and do your best to avoid them at all costs.

Why do you think you have so many 'Insta fans'?
A lot of them have been with me on my journey. I don't think I even have that many, they are just really loyal followers. The experiences that I have been through are raw and real and I think that they can relate. My Insta followers are so gorgeous, I just want to help each and every one of them in some way whether it's to keep them positive, motivated, to give them tips and advice, or to make them realise they aren't 'weird' or 'alone' for going through the struggles that they go through.

Top tip for 'happiness'?
WORRY LESS! Worrying gets us nowhere. Just chill out, take a deep breathe and do what you love.

Being an original Kiwi, what do you miss the most about New Zealand?
My Mum, Dad and Kiwi friends. It sucks being so far from them.

What do you love the most about Australia?
THE SUN! And the endless opportunities.

Guilty pleasure?
FROYO and Chocolate. I love chips but I'm trying to have sweet potato chips more.
You guys actually need to try NZ fish and chips. $1 and you get a HUGE scoop with lots of seasoning hahaha.

Who's your celebrity 'hall pass'?
Just one? Haha.. 100% Brad Pitt. Young or old, he is banging!

What's your favourite Coffee not Coffee flavour?
Slimming Raspberry Coffee or the Slimming Hot Cacao!

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