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Getting to know Sam and Dani Bonnor

You have most likely come across the Bonnor sisters when exploring the top health and fitness accounts on Instagram. These two inseparable #fitspo babes, sisters and best mates grew up in Banora Point, NSW and now both reside in Kingscliff and Casuarina, NSW – just down the road from each other!

Dani, the eldest, has modelled for the likes of Lorna Jane, Speedo, Just Jeans, Adidas and Myer. And has a loyal fan base of around 75,000 followers on Instagram. And it’s easy to see why recently engaged Dani is loved by so many! In the past 3 months Dani has taken up yoga, and loving the new journey she is on. You’ll find her hanging out in her yoga wear with her fluff-ball dog Charlie, snacking on almonds and downing a coffee!

Younger sis’ Sam is a loving mother to 1 year old, Alby, and currently pregnant with number 2! Sam has followed in Dani’s modelling footsteps and has represented brands such as L’urv Sportswear, 2 Chillies, Billabong and Jets Swimwear. Family means everything to Sam and she’s dedicated to living a healthy and happy life.

We’ve found out which Bonnor sister is the funnier of the two, their ‘top tips’ for happiness and which one has a crush on a Disney cartoon character! Enjoy…  

Have you both always been into health and fitness? 

Sam: Basically yeah! We used to do little athletics when we were young and played netball for years. I was also apart of my school touch and netball teams. But it wasn’t until I was about 20 years old that I really learnt what being fit and healthy was all about and I think that’s where my true passion started. I remember when we got our dog, a border collie, and we started running together and I’ve loved running ever since. I enjoy power walking and at the moment really loving spin classes. I want to start yoga like Dani but no yoga studios anywhere have a crèche! Being fit and healthy makes me feel good on the inside and out. It makes me happy!

Dani: Yes! As a child I played netball, athletics, running and swimming and now still enjoy getting up and moving! These days I am enjoying power walks and lots of yoga. Over the years my approach to fitness has changed and I am really enjoying the journey and learning what works for me especially because I have such a hectic work schedule. I find that I've always been into my health but more so now. We are constantly learning the value of good nutrition and health and I love nothing more than to share what I know and what works for me.


Who's the funnier one?

Sam: Haha... I’d say Dani. I mean we both think we are funny but she is the one cracking the jokes and I just follow her around and laugh. It’s been this way since we were little!

Dani: Hahahahaha! This one made me laugh! Growing up I was always the clown and Sam would follow me around giggling. Nothing has changed, I am still the clown and always taking things to that extra level just to make sure she's laughing.


Who's the bossier one?

Sam: Dani. Maybe it’s the big sister coming out of her, haha. I usually just cruise along.

Dani: Oh hahaha... that would be me too. I wouldn't say I am bossy but I have a strong personality where as Sam is much more quiet.


Who's the most competitive?

Sam: We both definitely have our competitive moments. I would say it’s a tie. Not that we are always competing against each other but just being competitive in anything we put our hearts to.

Dani: I say equal! We are both passionate people so I’d say it is a tie on this one.


What's one rule that you live by?

Sam: To try and always be the healthiest, happiest and best version of myself.

Dani: Remember you are your own. No one else will ever be you. Be the best you can be and do it for yourself!


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Sam: Hopefully living in our house we plan to build with a bunch of kids. We already have 1 little boy so that’s a start! Hopefully we are all still healthy and happy and loving life. My boyfriend’s biggest dream and mine is to travel around Australia in a camper van so hopefully in 10 years time we are organising that or have already done it!!

Dani: I see myself running my own business with a few little ones brightening my days. I cannot wait to have my own little family.

What's your top tip for 'happiness'?

Sam: To surround yourself with the people you love.

Dani: Balance is the key. I am always conscious of managing where my energy is directed; otherwise I will burn out. I have learnt to balance work and rest and to make sure I have some me time too.


Who's your celebrity 'hall pass'?

Sam: It was always Paul Walker! Since forever! I cried when he died in that car accident! So I’m not sure who it would be now. Zac Efron is a bit of a babe, Channing Tatum is hot when he dances and Ryan Reynolds is cute. I’m indecisive!

Dani: Paul Walker was always our favourite. I also love Channing Tatum probably because he has the moves! He can sure move that body, haha. And as for Sam, she has crushes on SO MANY CELEBS INCLUDING CARTOON CHARACTERS! Ha!


What's your current food obsession?

Sam: ACAI BOWLS! Simply can’t get enough. Dani and I had one for lunch today and we wanted more. If I could have a wish it would a never-ending acai bowl! 

Dani: ACAI is life! In fact I want one now! 

What's your dream job?

Sam: To have my own business, or Dani and I to have a business together! Either having our own fitness range or to open up a healthy café full of delicious but incredibly healthy food, treats and drinks!

Dani: I'm living my dream job. I am meeting the most amazing creative people along the journey and love managing my own work. I'm also with Sam. I can picture us running our own healthy business down the track.


What's the best thing about having a sister?

Sam: There are a million different reasons! We are each other’s best friend and are completely inseparable!

Dani: I don't think I can name just one thing. I could write a novel on this question! I will always have my best friend by my side. I have someone to share all my life experiences with. 

What's your fave Coffee not Coffee flavour?

Sam: Slimming Hot Cacao. I mean who can pass up a hot choice that’s also healthy! Win, win!

Dani: I second that! The Hot Cacao is gold!


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