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  • Becoming Vegan - With 'Fit With Georgie'

Becoming Vegan - With 'Fit With Georgie'

Meet Georgie - a 22 year old yogi from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, often found upside down rocking some bright yoga pants! A dedicated vegan for the past 6 months, Georgie shares her lifestyle choices with us and how she transitioned "cold turkey" to veganism. 

Beach Yoga

Have you always had a dedication to health and fitness?

I have always been conscious of my health and fitness to varying degrees throughout my life. I trained as a competitive gymnast for 13 years, and then took up yoga a few years after retiring from gymnastics. I’m a self-competitive, dedicated kind of person, and I always work hard to meet my own goals and standards.

From age 18-21 my fitness took a back seat while I spent more time than I should have focusing on fitting in socially and being a “typical teenager”. However through yoga and self-exploration, it didn’t take me long to realise that my actions were not correlating with my passions or true desires.

What's your exercise of choice?

It can’t be denied that I love yoga! I love it because I can still be a monkey upside down in crazy handstands and inversions, whilst exploring new limits of strength and flexibility that I didn’t even know I was capable of! The yoga community is one I’m very proud to be a part of, and every time I step onto my mat I see it as an opportunity to create, challenge and define myself.

Aside from yoga, I love riding my bike around town and to and from work, and I also LOVE lifting weights in the gym!

Beach yoga

What was the driving force behind you becoming vegan?

The health benefits of the vegan lifestyle is what got me both interested and hooked. As a health care professional myself, I resonate very well with the health benefits that this lifestyle offers, as well as the negative health effects that animal product consumption can cause. I just couldn’t ignore the facts and science I was reading when doing my own personal research into veganism!

As a very compassionate and caring person, naturally the ethical reasons also play a large role. I just can’t understand why the quote “Treat others how you’d like to be treated” seems not to apply with regards to man kind treating animals.

Did you go 'cold turkey' or was it a gradual change in lifestyle?

I went cold turkey vegan! Coincidentally, I just wrote an article about my vegan journey titled “Cold Turkey Vegan”. I didn’t go vegetarian first, or cut out one animal protein at a time. I basically turned Vegan overnight, and I never want to look back!

Did you face any challenges in changing to a vegan lifestyle?

Naturally, changing the eating habits that I’d followed for 22 years of my life was a challenge. It was daunting and sometimes scary not being able to reach for the foods or meals that I’d habitually reached for my entire life, especially during a time of big change. The other main challenge I’ve faced is cooking for and eating with non-vegan people, especially those who have their minds closed to the concept of veganism. I’ve had my fair share of awkward conversations, stubborn and rude remarks, raised eyebrows, scrunched up noses, and curious looks when I’ve cooked or eaten vegan around people who are on a typical “Western” diet.

How would you describe your 'Insta-fame'?

Unplanned and inspiring! When I created Fit With Georgie, it was originally designed to be a simple platform for me to post my yoga photos so that I wouldn’t annoy my friends with countless pictures of me doing handstands. Pretty soon after creating it though, people started asking me questions and I would answer and help out as much as I could. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing brands and companies, and I am so grateful for where it’s led me today.

Every day I wake up feeling inspired, uplifted, and humbled by the love and support I receive from my amazing followers!

Georgie with banana 

What are your top 5 vegan meals?

  1. Banana smoothies!
  2. Rice stir-fry / basically anything with rice!
  3. Pasta – I could happily eat plain pasta allllll day
  4. Baked sweet potato – sometimes I put maple syrup on them, sometimes peanut butter, sometimes hummus. I love throwing them in my lunch box as a quick carbed up energy source for when I’m on the go!
  5. I love getting creative and baking vegan treats (chocaholic here – anything that involves chocolate, I’m in!)

If you could be any veggie, what would you be?

A sweet potato, for sure. They may not be the prettiest on the outside, but man oh man are they sweet on the inside! 

Georgie with cows

Do you have any advice for others starting or desiring to become vegan?

Get educated! I think many people try and fail on this lifestyle because they haven’t done the proper research first. You can’t just expect to flip your diet inside out without getting educated about what you’re doing first – just like you wouldn’t go and buy a car without researching it and test-driving it first. Education is the key to success!

Also, carbs are friends! We vegans don’t just go around eating lettuce and slaying life. We eat our carbs, and plenty of them! Feeling hungry and dissatisfied is never fun, so eat your carbs and make friends with salad!

What are your top 3 'vegan' accounts to follow on Instagram?

At the moment I’m loving Bonny Rebecca, Tess Begg and HappyAndHealthy96!

See more of Georgie here:

Instagram: @fitwithgeorgie

Website: fitwithgeorgie.weebly.com

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