• Couples who train together, stay together. Q&A with Instafamous couple Fredrika and boyfriend Nick Lees
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Couples who train together, stay together. Q&A with Instafamous couple Fredrika and boyfriend Nick Lees

They're one of the cutest #fitspo couples on Instagram - Fredrika, a Swedish travelling yogi and her Aussie spunk boyfriend Nick. We got the lowdown on how their romance started, how they train together and where they see themselves in 10 years time.

How did the two of you meet? Was it love at first burpee?! ;)

Fredrika: It kind of was... We met in Glasgow where neither of us really knew where anything was and I was trying to help him find a phone shop to buy a UK simcard and it turned into an 8 hour long date with dinner and a movie! I couldn’t say no to his Aussie accent plus he surprised me with an ice cream in the cinema and that is literally the way to my heart!

Nick: On our 3rd date we spent 72 hours straight together and after that there was no doubt in my mind that I was happily whipped.

They say "Couples that train together, stay together". Do you like to train together?

Fredrika: I didn’t like to train before I met Nick. I was a straight up yogi and my version of cardio was a sweaty vinyasa class. But then he started taking me with him to the gym and in the beginning I mostly went to give a good impression but then I got hooked! I love when Nick trains me 'cause on those days I always hit my personal bests... he pushes me!

Nick: Yes when we have time, who wouldn’t want to train with her!! We don’t necessarily train together anymore because we don’t have as much free time as we used to, although I still enjoy training her up to three times a week.

What are both of your preferred exercises?

Fredrika: I love a good leg day session - lunges, squats and lately I'm pretty hooked on various TRX exercises as well!

Nick: Deadlift, pull ups, push ups and bear crawl. I like hybrid style training which is mixing up heavy lifts with body weight functional exercises i.e. a deadlift with a burpee pull up back to back. I love training sessions that are gruelling!


Favourite pre and post workout meals/snacks/drinks?

Fredrika: Pre workout: coffee with coconut oil. I'm such a coffee addict and adding some coconut oil gets you through a workout! I snack on carrots with peanut butter all day every day even if it's not post workout!

Nick: Pre workout is straight beta alanine (gives you an electric buzz). Post workout a naked burrito at our favourite Mexican place or a chocolate banana peanut butter protein shake and some pineapple pieces.

What do you do in your downtime when you're not sweating it out?

Fredrika: In Australia we used to go to the beach and bring lots of watermelon and other snacks and just chill all day. In London it’s a bit different! We're very fortunate living in a fun part of London with lots of markets and things to do so now when the weather is better we usually just go and try all the market foods. However I do miss the beach a lot! I cannot wait for summer! We're trying to get all the work out of the way so we can just relax 100 % on our next vacation, we're off to Greece soon!

Nick: Stay in bed, with no phones and watch movies. But since we moved to London we have explored a little more by going to markets and just trying all kinds of food. Favourite thing is to have a dirty cheat meal which is usually ice cream and flapjacks in bed.

You both seem to be travelling the globe from Australia to Sweden to London (and more!). Where feels most like 'home'?

Fredrika: I've been travelling for years now studying in different countries so although Sweden is my home it is not really the country in itself that feels like home but my mum and my sister. I've been very spoiled having them visiting me on my various adventures all over the world. Although Australia is as far as you possibly can go from Sweden it does kind of feel like a second home. Nick's family took me in like one of their own... I feel really blessed! I've got little homes all over the world!

Nick: Australia for sure. But anywhere with the sun, beach, food and my bubba can be home.

You've become a bit of an 'instafamous couple'. What's your one tip for a strong, loving relationship?

Fredrika: Respect and love go a long way. Of course we fight, especially here in London where we are living in such a small apartment! But we always have the other's best interest in mind so our fights never last for long. I couldn’t ask for a better partner and best friend.

Nick: Make the most of the time you have together. Don’t waste the time you have together fighting. It’s the little things, like going for a coffee or Sunday morning in bed and just 100% take advantage of it and enjoy it.

Who are the top 3 people who inspire you on Instagram?

Fredrika: Anni Kravi (@anniskk) for amazing smoothiebowls, she honestly makes my day with her food photos!

Jessica Olie (@jessicaolie) for yoga of course.

And always loved Bianca Cheah's account!! (@biancamaysheah)

But my favourite of all of them: @blackjaguarwhitetiger... Ummm I'm on that account for too long everyday looking at cute animals!

Nick: I don’t really use my Instagram that way or have favourite accounts. I just look at funny videos! I guess if I have to choose an account @mobilitywod, @therock and any type of gym or sports meme/fail.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Fredrika: Hopefully with one foot in Australia and the other in Europe! Can we just merge the continents together already? Jokes aside, as long as I have people around me that I love and a little bit of sun and sea I'd be happy! I reckon we will have a house full of animals and kids... can you have a pet koala in the backyard?

Nick: Few kids, a sausage dog for cheeks (Fredrika) and a husky. I want little boys with Jordan shoes! Oh and owning my own 'iwitnessfitness' franchise.

What's your fave Coffee not Coffee flavour?

Fredrika: The Green Coffee and the African Mango Coffee! But isn’t there a Raspberry out now as well..? Oh and the Hot Cacao... and the tea... Ugghhhh too many Coffee not Coffee flavours, so little time!

Nick: the Hot Cacao!


To see more of Nick and Fredrika's fitness and love journey, follow them here: 

Fredrika - @fakander

Nick - @iwitnessfitness / nickleesfitness.com


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