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  • Dancing for Fitness with Penny Higgs

Dancing for Fitness with Penny Higgs

Penny Higgs has become a familiar face after dancing her way into So You Think You Can Dance (Australia) in 2009 and then hitting up the Big Brother house as an intruder in 2014. We chatted with this candid babe about her dancing career, her fitness regime and how she maintains 'that body!'

When and why did you begin dancing?

I actually just went along to dancing one day after school with my bestie. It was bring a friend week, so into under 12’s beginner jazz I went and pretty much found my passion from that moment.

What's been your career highlight?

So You Think You Can Dance! It was such a high pressure experience, but the feeling of achievement for pushing myself that far gives me an inner happiness I can’t explain. I’m my hardest critic, but for that I give myself a little pat on the back. Of course I still think I could of pushed further, but that’s what I do, I always want to be better.

What's your favourite 'current' song to dance to?

Aaaah that’s a hard one, I’ve got a few faves… on repeat at the moment I have Cool For The Summer and Summerthing and ummmm Justin Bieber’s new song!

Which dance style do you find most challenging?

Definitely the more technical styles, like contemporary/lyrical. It’s most physically demanding and requires the most amount of strength, but so enjoyable to dance, it’s almost therapeutic.

Which dance style keeps you the fittest and in-shape?

Again I’d have to say contemporary and ballet, anything that comes from a ballet base is very challenging. Like pilates, it uses the body’s own weight as the exercise. Ballet training requires huge amounts of core strength and helps to shape the body when practiced often.