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Changing Any Habit

Hayley Roper - Author, Personal Trainer and Bootcamp & Health Retreat Business Owner, has had first hand experience on changing bad habits. Through various training courses and personal development retreats, Hayley tells us the best steps to ‘changing a bad habit’.

Bad habits are like addictions. The easiest way to break them is by recognizing that they are exactly that – a form of addiction. It is never going to be easy. It will feel uncomfortable and hard but like with anything - time, persistence and positivity will pay off.

That part of you that makes you feel like you ‘need’ something (anything) is the ego. The sensible part of you knows the truth of what you really need. Learn the difference, learn to laugh at the ego and slowly it will give up and fade away.

Want to make that change? Great! Here are the steps:

Make a decision to change.
Acknowledge the habit or addiction.
Acknowledge that it is going to feel tough in the short-term. For most people it only takes 3 weeks to break a habit!
Don’t put yourself in a situation that will make it hard for you to stay on track.
Replace the habit with something else – a healthy or positive option.
If the desire comes at you, take 3 deep conscious breaths, recognise that it is the ego and laugh at it. It will go away!
Set yourself goals and rewards for when you hit your personal milestones.
Seek support from friends and family.
Do not be too hard on yourself!
Get excited about your new life without this habit holding you back!
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